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Assistive technology users test title attribute access.

Testing conducted September 2005

A Task set for assistive technology users

Users of assistive technology employed at Vision Australia were sent an email asking them to visit the web page [], and attempt to find the answers to two questions by accessing the web page in their normal manner.

test page content [reproduced]

Can you find the answers to these 2 questions?

This test page is designed to help answer some questions about the how or if content on a web page is available to users of assistive technology. Please access this page as you would normally, without any changes to your software settings.

Please note: The link and text box are for test purposes only and do not function.

  1. What is the boys name? answer?

End of test page.

Link and form control code:

<a href="#" title="The boy's name is Terry">answer?</a>
<input type="text" title="The girl's name is Susan" value="What is the girl's name?" />


18 responses were received via email.

Conclusions Drawn

Assistive technology used by respondents

Results of testing

Respondent Assistive software used answer 1 answer 2
1 JAWS 7.0 beta no answer Susan
2 JAWS 6.2 no answer Susan
3 JAWS 6.20 no answer Susan
4 JAWS 6.1 no answer Susan
5 JAWS 5.1 no answer Susan
6 Jaws 5.1 no answer Susan
7 JAWS 5.0 no answer Susan
8 JAWS 5.0 no answer Susan
9 JAWS 5.0 no answer Susan
10 JAWS 5.0 no answer Susan
11 JAWS with ALVA refreshable Braille display no answer Susan
12 Supernova 6 no answer no answer
13 Window Eyes 5 no answer Susan
14 ZoomText 8.1 [x2 magnification] Terry susan
15 Zoomtext 7.1 [x2 magnification] Terry Susan
16 Zoomtext 7.1 [x2 magnification] Terry Susan
17 Zoomtext Terry Susan
18 Zoomtext [x6 magnification] no answer no answer

Author: Steven Faulkner
Technical Director
TPG Europe

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License